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Currently I am focusing on Pulpit Supply
Ministry here in the South East corner of
Iowa. The very place I have called home my
whole life, with the exception of a few years I
was in the navy and in college. I graduated
from Lincoln Christian College in 2003 (now
known as Lincoln Christian University.)  I
have served two Churches as youth pastor. I
preaching the Gospel more.  God gave me
the opportunity to work along side KAYP for
several year as a DJ on the Evening Show.  
Recently I have been called to serve on the
board of Acts 2 Ministries. We are working
with alcoholics and drug addicts. We have
one house open filled with men, learning to
stay sober and lead productive Christian  
I have been blessed with one wife and three
children. Being a father after God's own heart
and passing that on to my family is most
important to me. Paige (7) is my first born
daughter, she is a spirited young lady who
like to sing! One of her Favorite songs is Rich
Mullins "Our God is an Awesome God!"
Paxton (4) is a boy who does not no the
meaning of sit still, or walk!  Always on the
move he will tell you he is "Red-Bird Supper
Hero."  He loves going to Church and hearing
dad preach, often you will hear him yell out
"Hi dad" in the middle of my sermon! Elijah (4
months) is my youngest son. He has a lot of
hair and smiles and giggles when he sees
just about anyone. Then there is my bride,
the love of my life, Amy. We have been
married since Oct. 24 1998.  We met in Bible
College and have been passionately serving
along side of each other ever since.
Photos by Vandiver Photography